Evan is a design student based out of Los Angeles. He is attending the American Film Institute studying production design
Pursuing further design work in theater, dance and film has led to an appreciation of design in our perspectives on sustainable living. Whether my inspiration lies in salvaged goods, or in another designer's cardboard stage, sustainable design can be achieved. 
Working towards a holistic sense of production, I believe that as much as design has an effect on the tone of a piece, it also has a weight on audience conceptions. I also stand by the idea that a creative work can only be successful when it is supported by the entire team in any capacity. I value unique, varied skillsets in collaboration, because I believe a fresh perspective and open mind lead to innovation.

My first authored film was submitted in 2013 to the Millbury Bicenntenial Film Festival, as part of a local celebration of history and heritage. The films showed in the Historic Elm Draught House, and The Next Adventure won Best Picture.