The first color/tone board provided. This was printed out in large format on hard copy so that the team could pick it apart and comment on specific elements. How the conversation begins can be such an important part of the entire process.

Sunset on the first day. These are the windows we will be matching the constructed set to.

Exterior car repair

Aging Flats. The idea was to help tell the story of the colonel by making his walls a timeline, meaning the damage to the walls got progressively worse the deeper into the room you get.

Painting a deep red accent wall, allowing the shooting crew to change the mood of the scene without leaving the space.

The accent wall in action.

Stage in progress

Looking over the lights. The platform allowed a power dynamic to play out in the blocking of the space.

The Colonel's desk. Hidden in the corner of the platform, he harbors a feeling of imprisonment.

Laying out a template for stonework on a chimney

Sculpted with a heat gun, our fireplace begins to take shape.

Dust, aging and layering. A lived in space.

The world on a wall

A mirror in the corner for a moment of contemplation.

Heat Gun in action

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