Lighting diagram with field of view provided. The overall footprint can be seen as 24' x  36
Backdrop from inside the set, under lighting.
One of two rain machines fall on a purpose built "road" surface, which feeds to a drain.
Two walls are flown out here to accommodate the camera. Note the freedom of the lighting equipment in between and over the walls. 
The second smoke effect, currently removed, was piped through the grate on the sidewalk in front of the store.
(front panel currently removed for camera placement)
Dressing for the kitchen, with detail of the paint texture.
The final practical effects were the working sink and the addition of a steamer to provide realistic haze inside the kitchen.
An original concept drawing. While some higher elements were removed, notice it's faithfulness.
Elevation provided for scenic backdrop. As can be seen, this design has changed since it's original creation, based on reference images and research.
Detail work with the backdrop. Authentic newspapers lend a grunge aesthetic to the piece. Lighting was placed behind, which shone through slits in the door and the newspaper.
Detail construction seen in the distressed tile work. 
Dressed, under light, with rain effect. You can see light coming through the newspaper. 
Mud splash painting as well as garbage dressing surround one of two practical smoke effects.
While less glamorous, the second backdrop had a smaller footprint because of the lack of character interaction. 
An idea of the final dressing of the kitchen interior. 
Cleared out, the rain machine's modular apparatus can be clearly seen on the left. The smaller footprint of the machine effectively halved the amount of water to be used on the production.
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